Please read carefully - it is extremely important

- We expect the authors not to delay the session (regardless of your presentation), not to leave early. Participation in the congress includes not only giving a presentation but also listening to other participants. For this reason, requests to leave the session early by any excuse will not be met in any way.

- Failure to complete your presentation within the time allowed for you will cause the following sessions to sag and affect the program flow negatively. Since our event is not a personal conference, the presentation time of each participant is limited to 15 minutes. The presentations in the sessions should be purely for the purpose of your study and the evaluation of your findings, away from the theoretical book definitions. Take notes during the session on topics that interest you and make sections such as question-answer and discussion, accompanied by tea and coffee in the foyer area.

- Our chairpersons are fully authorized on behalf of the congress organizing committee in all matters related to the session, such as the management of the sessions, taking a break, changing the presentation order. For this reason, the decisions taken by the session chairs during the session must be strictly observed in order to conduct the session in a healthy manner.

- All the papers presented in our congress have been accepted by the referee . The questions and criticisms to be addressed to our participants who made presentations in the sessions should be in the form of constructive suggestions and contributions that are far from offending within the framework of courtesy rules . We would like to point out that we do not accept the hurtful and offensive critical attitudes towards our participants in any way.

- The registration desk will serve between 08:30 and 18:00 on the congress dates. You can register and get your badges half an hour before your presentation time in order to prevent the density at the registration desk and provide you with a more comfortable service.

- Do not request your participation certificate from the registration desk . Your participation certificate will be delivered to you by the chairman after all presentations in the session are over.

- How many people will listen to you during your presentation is directly related to how many sessions you attend as a listener outside your own session. We recommend you to attend other sessions as listeners and meet other scientists in the foyer during your congress as much as you can.

- Since there is no printer / printout facility in the congress area, please keep your printouts (if any) related to your presentation and especially the printout of the page of your session in the program .

- Keep your presentation both in PDF and Power point in your e-mail and in a portable memory. Do not use your flash memory, which contains important information (such as thesis, project, wedding photographs) for the congress. There is a high probability that your presentation will be infected by a virus, because a large number of participants have flash memory installed on them. For this reason, use a different flash memory.

- Comply with the congress calendar in order to avoid any grievances regarding the full text publication (As per the relevant legislation, electronic books are in the form of BASILI ESER from the official publication date. For this reason, it is not possible to add or remove any e-books after the final publication date.

With the support of you, we wish you a nice scientific event ...